Error after Installing DTS Designer Components

DTS. Sometimes it is hard to let go. I still use DTS early and often. I even migrate some DTS jobs to run on SQL Server 2005 servers. I know, I know. I should invest the time in converting them to SSIS and I keep putting it off. I will get to it some day.

In the meantime I ran across the below error today after installing the 2000 DTS Designer components.

The procedure entry point ?ProcessExecute@@YAXPAUHWND__@@PBG1@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library SEMSFC.dll.

The Designer Components are apart of the 2005 Feature Pack located here. I had the following tools installed. SQL Server 2000 Client tools (Enterprise Manager, Query Analyzer, Profiler, etc), SQL Server 2005 Client tools (SSMS, Books Online, SSIS Design Stuido, etc.). I had patched the SQL Server 2000 client tools to SP4. I went to install the DTS Designer Component. The install was successful no errors. I went to fire up Enterprise Manager and then started receiving the error.

I promptly rebooted to see if that would fix the problem. No dice. So I did a google search and stumbled on a installation path that would prevent the error from popping up. I didn’t really want to reinstall everything so I just re-applied SP4 for SQL Server 2000 and boo-yeah, no error. Working good.


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