SQL Job Monitor

Stumbled on this cool little tool yesterday: SQLJobVis. SQLJobVis is a desktop client application that allows you to view the SQL Agent jobs on your servers. You just add the server you want to connect to and it will connect and show you a timeline of the jobs. Pretty easy.

The one thing I wish the app  would do is allow you to view multiple servers. You have to view the servers one by one. It would be pretty gangster if the allowed multiple servers and then a way to export the timeline. Then you could have a timeline of all your SQL Agent jobs. Anyway, it is still a pretty cool tool and worth checking out.



4 thoughts on “SQL Job Monitor

  1. Hi – glad you like SQLjobvis – I’ll put your suggested multiple server functionality – and timeline exporting – into a release in the very near future. Any suggestions as to how you’d like the timeline exported?

    • Will, awesome that you found my post. I really like the app! Keep on rockin! As for the export, maybe some kind of image format or CSV. Or dump it to HTML even. It would be nice to slap it on a web server for quick access. My thought is that it would be cool to see a day in the life of all my SQL jobs. Especially for stuff like power failures at a facility. I could get a quick glance of the jobs to see what kind of postmortem steps I would need to take.


  2. Hi Joe – awesome that you stumbled across SQLjobvis!

    I’ve just released SQLjobvis 3.0 Beta on the SQLsoft website – the direct link is http://www.sqlsoft.co.uk/binaries/SQLjobvis3beta.zip. It’s now an MDI application, so you can easily connect to multiple servers, and there’s now the ability to export the current view to either .csv or tab-separated .txt files.

    If you’ve any feedback just drop me a line at support@sqlsoft.co.uk – I’m very eager to put in any additional functionality that would prove useful!

    Best Wishes,

    Will Alber (SQLsoft).

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