X app is slow…fix it

So an application is reported as slow. What do you check first? Here is how I checked an application today that was reported as running slow.

  1. Check the SQL Server Logs
  2. Check the Current Activity/Process Info (SQL Server 2000)
  3. Check to make sure no SQL Jobs are running
  4. Check my sysProcess Tracker. A little database/web app I wrote to go out and collect the sysprocesses table every hour for all servers. Can help show spikes or trends, but only on the hourly level. Would like to get more granular in the future.
  5. DatabaseServerPerf. Another custom solution that will go out and look at CPU, RAM and Disk for all servers on an hourly basis
  6. Then I start again from Step 1 and repeat
  7. I also fire up a Perf Mon Counter log with my presets to start collecting performance data every minute. I do this from a remote server as to hopefully limit the load on the database server. I leave the counter running well after the issue is reported as fixed so I can a clear view of the perf stats during and after. This helps me ensure my performance baseline is set appropriately.

There is  probably a tool out there or single web app that could provide a one stop shop for all this, but what fun is that.


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