Backup Database to UNC

Mainly to remind me how to backup from SQL Server to a UNC, but maybe this will provide you with a quick step by step and save you some time. Details, performing a Full Database Backup of a SQL Server 2000 database to a UNC. Both the source and destination servers are in the same domain. The SQL Server Service and the SQL Server Agent Service are both started using a domain account.

  1. Set the SQL Server Server service to start as a domain account that has appropriate permissions (Read/Write) to your UNC path
  2. Run the setspn tool to register your domain user servicePrincipalName field in AD. You can use ADSIEDIT.msc console to check the status of the command. setspn MSSQLSvc/ Domain\User [see my Epic quest article for more details]
  3. Create the SQL backup job to backup the database to the UNC path: BACKUP DATABASE [dbname] TO  DISK = N’\\servername\share_name\filename.bak’ WITH  INIT ,  NOUNLOAD ,  NAME = N’backup name’,  NOSKIP ,  STATS = 10,  NOFORMAT
  4. Celebrate a job well done, perhaps with a Mt. Dew or your choice of work approved beverage.

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