Changed database context to

It has been a while since my last post. Ill use the standard excuses of “i was busy” and “i’m on vacation”. Ran across an interesting error message today working on a VBScript.

That blackout portion is my database name. The script is a simple script to query a database and dump some data into a .csv. Well the error started driving me crazy. The code looked correct. I kept pouring over the code again and again looking for an answer.

Did some google searches and did not find a whole lot of information. Finally the answer hit me. While running the script I kept opening it up in a text editor. The resulting CSV is really wide and my header column data is longer than the data in the rows. So one time I opened the CSV in Excel to see the data lined up a little better.

Well I forgot to close the CSV in Excel before running the script again. The error message threw me off. Instead of saying something like access denied or permission denied, it gives me some wild context changed error.

Oh well, I closed down Excel and badda-bing.